Sancare has invested in both state of the art commercial equipment and the training of our staff to protect your furniture and your indoor air quality. We use the remUVe Ultra Violet mattress sanitising machine developed in Australia which has been clinically proven to be 99.97% effective in killing harmful bacteria and other pathogens. We also use Santoemma and NSS professional carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment together with biologically friendly products.

We are British owned and operated and are an accredited NCCA company. NCCA is the UK Carpet Cleaners Association and this accreditation means that you can trust us to adhere to best practices when Sanitising your home and cleaning your carpets. Furthermore, our technicians and onsite managers have several years experience in the industry and all of them have prior UAE experience.

We offer a free demonstration, during which our team will come to your home and collect a sample of the dust and contaminants within your mattress to illustrate our process and its effectiveness. Alternatively, when it comes to cleaning your furniture, during a free consultation our operations manager will examine the fabric to be cleaned. He will then identify the right product to use as well as deciding on the best approach to remove any stains (if applicable). Finally, he will give you a quote should you wish.

We hope that you will join us as one of our many satisfied customers. However, please get in touch even if you would just like a little more information on how to maintain your furniture or the effects that not cleaning upholstery can have on your Indoor Air Quality and what this means. You can reach us on 800 PERFECT,  to let us know how we can help you!