Everyone loves furniture that looks and feels great. However, what if you knew that there was an even more potent reason for having your curtains, sofas rugs and other soft furnishings deep cleaned… read on!

Hayfever in the UAE

Constantly have a runny nose and itchy eyes? Surely it can’t be hayfever, we live in the desert! Well unfortunately, we’re still susceptible here in the UAE. In fact, about 30% of adult UAE residents have been diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis, a.k.a hayfever!

Allergic Rhinitis can be triggered by a variety of things, not just pollen. These include dust, animal dander, cigarette smoke and air pollution.

So how does this actually cause you and your family to get those horrible flu-like symptoms?

Well, when you come across certain allergens, your body produces something called histamine to combat the allergen. It is histamine that causes the runny noses and interminable sneezing! Different people are pre-disposed to produce more histamine in reaction to particular allergens which is why sometimes you react when others don’t.

 How can you protect yourself against Allergic Rhinitis?

You can (and should) see a doctor, who will diagnose you and may well recommend anti-histamine medication, which will give you some relief. However, these medications can have side effects such as drowsiness.

As they say, the best cure is prevention. Services such as Sancare will periodically professionally deep clean your upholstery, curtains, mattresses and carpets. That’s not to say that regularly cleaning your carpets yourself isn’t a good idea – clearly it is. The difference is that a professional, using commercial equipment, can clean to the depths of your carpets and upholstery in a way that domestic vacuums cannot.

Curtains, in particular can act as nets for dust and other allergens. Sancare specialises in ridding your home of such irritants and will do so without taking them off-site. For a free survey and more information, please to call 800 BREATHE (800 2732843)!