All our technicians are trained to recognize and treat a wide selection of different fabrics using appropriate methods and top of the range commercial equipment. The main reasons to clean your sofas are:

  • To maintain a healthy home. Our primary mission is to remove dust mites, bacteria and other undesirables from your sofa in order to protect your air quality and consequently your family’s health.
  • To remove stains or spots. Our expert technicians and manager will do a free survey and give you a fair appraisal of whether they are likely to be able to remove or improve any stains. Please do call us as soon as possible after a stain occurs to maximize our chances of fully removing it.
  • To prevent your sofas from ageing. Prevention is the best cure! Regular cleaning and maintenance will increase the life of your sofa. We always do a spot test first so as to make sure that your sofa is handled carefully and to avoid discolouration or shrinkage.

We particularly recommend using our service if you have pets or young children. Pets can carry a variety of allergens that then nest in sofas and other furniture, unknowingly affecting your family. Getting your sofa or couch cleaned regularly mitigates against this.


We start by vacuuming the sofa thoroughly, agitating and removing any soil and dust. We then test the sofa to make sure that we use the correct product on it, and finally, we use low moisture shampoos, so drying time is limited, providing you with a convenient, effective and quick solution. We can also help with leather sofas, including repairing cracks and re-covering.

We provide the best sofa cleaning services in Dubai. Call us on  800 PERFECT for a free consultation and demonstration!

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