TPH – Sancare is one of the leading companies that are providing excellent post-construction cleaning services in Dubai for both residential and commercial purposes. The post-construction cleaning is a special type of cleaning that is usually performed to remove stubborn dirt, grime, scuffs, and smudge to make your place ready to move in.

We pay attention to 100% customer satisfaction. We are trusted by managers of hundreds of construction companies and home residents in Dubai. Get a free estimation of your post-construction services with our experts now!

Our post-construction cleaning services including:

  •  Fixture cleaning
  • Cleaning of windows and doors
  • Descaling of floor and wall tiles
  • Dust removal from door frames, window frames, baseboards, light switches, mirrors, etc
  • Paint stain removal from the floor
  • Cleaning of cabinets
  • Remove stickers from window glass
  • Cleaning, scrubbing, and refurbishment of all types of floorings to remove blemishes

You can get additional post-construction cleaning services according to your demand. We also deliver customized post-construction cleaning services.