We have the most effective mattress cleaning service in the UAE, due to our experienced staff and state of the art equipment. By using Sancare for deep cleaning your mattress, you help protect you and your family from the effects of dust mites, dust mite excrement and other invaders.

A mattress being cleaned and sanitised using an UV machine

In fact, the weight of the average mattress more than doubles every ten years due to dust mite infestation. That means that most people share their bed and homes every night with millions of these mites and their excrement.

It is not enough to use domestic equipment as dust mites bury themselves deep into mattresses, so we use commercial grade vacuums to get the right result. Our specially developed mattress sanitizing process is done in your home and is both dry and chemical free.

Our process for mattress cleaning is twofold:

Close up of a mattress being deep vacuumed prior to being sanitised

We use a commercial grade vacuum to agitate the dust mites and other unwanted organisms. These are then sucked up into the vacuum bag, which uses a HEPA filter to avoid any backflow.

Close up of a RemUVe machine being used to sanitise a mattress

We pass over the mattress using the patented remUVe UV sanitation machine, a powerful and safe way to sanitise your mattress. The remUVe machine is the only approved UVC sanitising device of its type.

We also offer a free demonstration prior to deep cleaning and sanitising your mattress so that you can see evidence of what we intend to remove. We also offer a warranty – if dust mites reappear within a month of your mattress being cleaned, then call us and we will come back in at no additional cost!

We strongly recommend calling in a professional service to sanitise your mattress as dustmites can and will bury themselves deeper into mattresses than domestic vacuums can get to. Washing or steam cleaning mattresses can also damage the memory foam. Call us now on 800 PERFECT to wake up feeling healthy!