It is important to clean your disposal system on a regular basis to minimize odours and help reduce the risks of rodent problems. It also helps prevent high maintenance and repair costs to the garbage disposal equipment. By cleaning the disposal system on a regular basis, you can provide your staff and residents with a clean and safe environment to live in.

On a annual, bi-Annual or quarterly basis, we clean and deodorize the chute by applying specialized chemicals with our high pressured steam cleaning system to restore the garbage chute back to its original state. We continue this until the chute has been attentively rinsed down to our satisfactory levels. We then proceed to each floor, cleaning all grime from within each chute door as well as giving the garbage collection area a thorough rinse. After all this is completed we then release an anti-bacterial spray followed by a de-odorizing agent down the chute to help eliminate future bacteria growth and odors. We can also clean out garbage bins, and/or garbage compactors, removing all grime and debris.

We follow a step by step process of cleaning which includes:

1. De-greasing and disinfect the inside of the chute
2. Rinse the garbage chute of any garbage or debris.
3. Cleaning of each floor and clean the chute doors with a disinfectant and a coarse pad.
4. Clean garbage room

Quality is our top priority, We assure our client that they will get the service they deserve. Our Quality inspectors keep our technicians on their toes so that they continue to provide you with the highest quality and most thorough service.