Curtain cleaning has become more and more of a specialized art. There are many unusual and delicate fabrics and intricate styles used for curtains these days, and to protect them it is extremely important to contract an expert with the right knowledge and training.

Whilst a delicate process, not cleaning your curtains at all is definitely not viable. They act as inadvertent air filters, trapping large amounts of bacteria and dust. Using a domestic vacuum regularly certainly helps, however having your curtains more thoroughly cleaned from time to time is essential for maintaining the look and feel of your curtains. This is also key for removing more insidious stains such as nicotine before they set in too deeply.



That is where Sancare comes in. Our trained curtain cleaning professionals have a wealth of experience in dealing with different fabrics. They will make sure that your curtains, drapes and blinds are sanitised by either steam cleaning or dry cleaning them. We also have experts that have undergone advanced stain and spot removal training in the UK. This means that we can identify the best way to deal with any stains and then proceed after taking your approval.

Hiring an accredited company like us gives you peace of mind that your curtains will be looked after and your air quality improved. Our specialist technicians work on site, ensuring minimum disruption whilst producing great results. We also use top of the range equipment and products which means that you get the best possible results.

In particular, if you have any allergy or asthma sufferers in your household please do consider booking a more regular appointment with us. The air in the UAE is full of particles that can irritate and inflame, therefore regularly cleaning and maintaining your curtains is a must!

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