When it comes to carpet cleaning, Dubai has plenty of service providers. What sets us apart is our knowledge, experience and care for our clients’ property. Our qualified manager will come to your home (or site) and do a full survey, checking the type of carpet or rug that you need cleaned as well as identifying any stains or soiling.

This is very important as it allows us to identify the correct method and products to use for cleaning the carpet. We will always pre-vacuum the carpet, address any stains or spots and then we wet clean the rug with an extraction machine or dry clean it using a compound if appropriate. For wet cleaning, hot water extraction is best practice as it makes sure to thoroughly remove any residue, whereas not performing hot water extraction after carpet shampooing can lead to unwanted residues.

Whilst we do provide a stain and spot removal service, we would stress the importance of regular maintenance cleaning for carpets and rugs. This is particularly the case for residences that are used to entertain or house young children / pets. Carpets are extremely liable to contain large amounts of dust, debris and other particles including fungi and bacteria. This soil is often stored deep within the fabric of the carpet so it is not always apparent to the naked eye, and removing it requires a professional service (domestic vacuums will not clean the carpet fully).


Prior to cleaning your carpet or rug, we will always test to make sure that any product we use will not discolour or shrink the carpet in any way. We can also use eco-friendly products on request. We will also minimize drying time required so that you are able to get back to using your carpet within the day. For carpet dry cleaning, you can use your carpet again almost immediately.
Use of products with the wrong pH or use of water when a dry cleaning process is required can lead to serious issues, often far worse than the initial stain. That is why we strongly suggest calling us on 800 PERFECT for a free survey and quote before any attempt to clean the carpet yourself.

If wish, we can also setup a regular appointment every 6 months to deep clean your carpets. This takes the hassle out of it for you and means that your carpet keeps its look and feel and you keep your indoor air quality!

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